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We're here to help you through each stage of the application process for schools in order to provide you with a flawless experience.

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Having provided us with an outline of your goals and ambitions, our professional advisers will help you identify the Universities and programs tailored to meet your need and budget. Whether your interest lies in Undergraduate or Postgraduate Study, our team of experts would guide you through a seamless process.

University selection

With over 30 years of experience assisting students to achieve their desired University placement, our comprehensive schedule of degree programs will allow you select the best programs and university that provides the best environment to achieve your ambitions.

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Document Evaluation

One Education has helped 1000s of students with free documents assessments throughout their academic journey. From university applications through to Visa Applications, our team of expert counsellors would provide a free assessment of your documents including CVs, SOPs, visa documentation to ensure students successfully fulfill their study abroad aspirations.

Submission of Application

Once your application has been finalised we will manage the submission procedure. A personalised Counsellor will be at hand to advise and update you throughout the application process till you receive your offer.

Pre-Departure and Arrival Services

Congratulations!!! We know you are excited. One Education is here to help you make embark on your journey to your university destination. From packing essentials, through to airport procedures and settling in a new country, One Education counsellors provides you with a comprehensive checklist of all essentials. Our network of One Education Alumni, would also be ready to help you settle in.

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